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Zeal Home Care - Delivering NDIS Services

Zeal Home Care is an organisation that provides reliable and caring support services to the NDIS participants in Melbourne. We provide NDIS services including support coordination, plan management, supported accommodation and other core supports.

Support Coordination

Gain more from life by developing a closer connection.

Wide range of Services

Zeal Home Care provides wide range of support services under NDIS.

Experienced & Qualified

Our team consists of experienced and qualified healthcare professionals.

About Zeal Home Care

Zeal Home Care was established with the goal to make a significant improvement in the lives of people with special needs. We are dedicated to sincerely implementing changes to improve the lives of the people in best possible way.

Zeal Home Care’s main goal is to offer persons with disabilities in Melbourne first-rate support services that are suitable, responsive, and appropriate support services

In order to improve the delivery of services, we work cooperatively with the employees, caregivers, and other external stakeholders for adults and children (over six) with disabilities.

Zeal Home Care is committed to providing assistance to all people who could benefit from a little assistance in their daily lives. We think everyone is entitled to a fair, comfortable existence with plenty of opportunities.

Contact our friendly team at 1300 509 488 or info@zealhomecare.com at any time.

Our Homecare Service


Medium-Term Accommodation
Short-Term Accommodation
Supported Independent Living(SIL)
Short/Medium Term Accommodation (STA/MTA)

Nursing & Care

Support coordination
Certified and skilled nursing staff
Expert assistance on life stage and transition
Personal care with utmost assistance in personal yet household tasks

Community Participation

Unlock employment pathways
Experience community events
Explore life skills and drive innovation
Programs crafted to enrich your life

Plan Management

Expert and real-time planning

Who Qualifies for the NDIS?

If you want to receive NDIS help, you must:

Best Medical & Healthcare

Professional service

Developing a plan that is tailored to your needs, goals, and requirements is essential to producing the best effective plan possible.

Individualized Services

We are available to help you continuously so that your day and life are comfortable.

Free of hassle consultation services

When it's convenient for you, we meet or communicate in the comfort of your home.

Our Information

We have a thorough understanding of the local market, and our adaptability will allow us to offer services that satisfy the participants' requirements.

Integrity and morals

At Zeal Home Care, communication is essential and transparent. We make a point of maintaining our reliability and sincerity throughout the duration of our collaboration.

What Patients Say About Us

Friendly and helpful team! They offered a wide range of disability support, which was really useful. Zeal Home Care, many thanks

Suzy K

Many thanks to the Zeal care home. Their short-term accommodation is very fantastic and lovely, and I have slept there. Services are quite beneficial. Grateful.

Kate Milton

Excellent provider, extremely helpful and responsive, and went above and beyond to help me live a normal life.

Tyrell Sili

Zeal Home Care is the most professional and trustworthy NDIS provider in Melbourne for all sorts of modern well-being needs.


Contact Us

If you have decided to continue with Zeal Home Care or you have any other questions, contact us at 1300 509 488 or info@zealhomecare.com.au