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Plan Management

Plan Management

When a provider, like Zeal Home Care, helps you manage the financing in your NDIS Plan, that is known as plan management. Plan Managers are the name given to these suppliers.

You are evaluated as an NDIS participant to determine your needs and the support choices that can be used to meet those needs. A plan is created in collaboration with an NDIS representative, you, and any service providers you may select after your qualified programmes and level of need have been determined. Throughout the course of your involvement in the NDIS programme, this plan will be implemented, reviewed, and altered as appropriate.

Through Plan Management, our specialists here make using the NDIS simple. We handle the daily administration associated with an NDIS Plan, including collecting provider bills, verifying.

They check them for accuracy, ensure that services are rendered, submit claims to the NDIA, pay your providers, and provide you frequent updates so you can track how much of your Plan you have used. The most effective distribution of cash for the assistance and services that will help you accomplish your goals will be decided in collaboration with you.

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If you decide Zeal Home Care is the right Plan Manager for you, contact us at 1300 509 488 or info@zealhomecare.com.au